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Blog Plans for 2023

Post 3 | January 02, 2023


A quick post detailing the plans for this blog in 2023. Long story short, expect posts on computational complexity, Turing machines, personal stories, and of course myself rambling about whatever else comes to mind.

This year will be an exciting one. I'll be graduating from Yale in May and I'll be starting my PhD. Here's a quick summary of some of the things I hope to write about on this blog this year:

  • A "Zoo of Turing Machines" series. This series of blog posts will provide an introduction to Turing machines (TMs) and their variants. Everything from the standard deterministic TMs to non-deterministic TMs and quantum TMs.
  • Various posts on computational complexity theory. I'll be providing introductory posts on some of the more difficult or not well known results which I find interesting. Most posts will be in the subfields of structural and descriptive complexity theory as well as some history of the field. I hope to be cover Fagin's theorem, the Blum axioms, some cool connections to automata theory, and more.
  • A couple posts detailing the connections between automata theory and abstract algebra.
  • A post on what RSS feeds are and why I like them.
  • Per popular demand, posts on my experiments with "messed-up" sleep schedules and lasers.
  • Probably a post on my time at Yale after I graduate.

Happy New Year!
-- Aidan